Experience the Fun, Excitement, and Magic of the largest Old Time Photo Studio in the country.Make your visit to Historic Deadwood a memorable one, bring home an original Woody's Wild West Old Time Photo. The Possibilities are endless . . . .
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Explore all three floors of the studio which holds over twenty-five different settings.
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Friendly Photographers, Costumers, and Floor Personnel are eager to show you a great time! It only takes 20-30 minutes to get you shot.
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Choose from 1,000 costume combinations housed by three costume rooms.
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View all shots in 11x14 size immediately following the photo shoot. We offer Sepia Tone, Black and White, and Color prints.
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We use the latest and best digital cameras and printers to give you the highest quality photos available.
Your entire order is usually available for pick-up after a few hours, or we mail.
Choose from our large selection of old fashioned frames. We fit and frame your pictures free of charge.
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HOWDY! Wer mighty obliged to have ya step into them thrillin days of yester year here at Wild Woody's. Wild Woody recreates the romantic era of the wild west in old time photos with you as the star.

Gals! How do you see yourself? As a sleezy dance hall woman, a fine lady with proper upbringin, a hardy pioneer, or a blushin bride.

Well Pardner! How about you? A man of distinction, a rugged mountain man, rebel, mean outlaw, maybe a keen eyed sheriff, gunslinger or a cardshark.

Your setting. In a shotgun weddin, sittin in a card game, belly up to the bar, get hung, or would ya prefer a peaceful sitting in the parlor. Maybe a washtub?

Wild Woody is the meanest, uncarin, and most ruthless camera man in these her parts. All he cares about is givin you the best ol time photo possible.

Wild Woody has the most costumes, best settings, most props, best cameras, most complete darkroom, finest equipment, highest quality material, best photographers, most fun, and lowest prices. Come on in and have a good ol time.

PS: Critters are welcome too.

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